Strength Training

Too often considered the domain of men and bodybuilders.....

Strength training can take many forms from simple body weight activity such as squats to press ups to load bearing exercise with weights and machinery. Identifying YOUR requirements is what a skilled personal trainer or Strength coach needs to clarify. Building up the strength of your muscles is and should be considered an essential part of healthy living and improved quality of life.......but why?

Some facts........

The muscles of your body dictate all movement that occurs from the body. The bones provide the anchors and levers upon which the muscles can act on to create movement and with age and experience our nervous system create coordination to create gross motor movement, which develops into fine motor movements. Repetitive activity creates refined movements which become skills, such as running, kicking a ball, holding a pen to write with or simply climbing a set of stairs.

Our ability to do all of these well depends entirely on our muscles (physiological), coordination (neurological) and of course motivation (psychological). In order to become better at movement we need to practice. Think of a child who is learning to walk, very few just get up from sitting and begin to walk upright. They must first stand, then balance, then step, then maintain upright position without assistance and so on.

As we grow older our movement patterns become effected by our daily activity, which increasingly and sadly is becoming more sedentary. Our ancestors only sat when tired and slept when required otherwise movement was essential on a regular basis, it is understood that we now move 60-70% less then they did. This ancestralmovement created the basis for our muscles to be an integral part of well being and health. It is well known that if you have a desk bound job simply getting up from your chair every 15-20 minutes can save a your lower back and joints from weakening in the long term. This however is not the best solution and is very often forgotten in our day to day and working lives.

Ultimately taking the stress out of working out HOW to exercise is my job. Together, we will discuss your goals (physiological), how to achieve them and what is required of you (psychological).

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