My Philosophy is to help you feel the best you can

through one if not all of the following services; physical therapy, massage and/or strength training. My goal is to find out what injuries or limitations you have in your day to day life and discover, with you, a way to eliminate them now and prevent them reoccurring in the future. The way this is achieved is through careful prescriptive exercises to strengthen and/or stretch specific muscles in your body and realign balance.

Physical weakness attributes significantly to the reduction of well being and is commonly linked to injuries sustained in day to day life. For example it is common for the elderly to experience falls or trips fundamentally because of their balance no longer being as attuned, however this is completely preventable and a reduction in the likely hood of falling entirely achievable. Combine this with an increase in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis both of which is proven to be significantly improved by measurable and controlled strength training and already a necessity for self awareness in relation to your muscles, joints and bones is crucial.

Bones are crucial as the scaffold to keep us upright but the origin of movement comes from the muscles alone.

Strength training should be actively integrated into all walks of society across the age spectrum and not considered a niche or luxury choice exclusively for the wealthy. Over one Billion sterling (NICE Report page 7) is spent each year by the NHS on back pain related and musculoskeletal injuries of which a significant quantity are preventable or do not require specialist or surgical intervention. Surgery on the NHS is only offered to 1% of those suffering from long term (chronic) back pain and alternatives for the treatment and prevention of this hugely costly and increasing problem needs greater encouragement in mainstream medical practices. Statistics show that 80% of people suffer from back pain (WHO) at some stage in their lives and it is the highest cause of disability in young people. The best recommendation, according to the NHS and Strong For Life is a programme of specialised exercises focusing special attention on the muscles of the spine and body.

Strength is crucial especially as we age. This wonderful woman (Mrs Calman) is an inspiration.

Strength is crucial especially as we age. This wonderful woman (Mrs Calman) is an inspiration.

Strong For Life Services


Can be one of the best ways to recover from a hard days work, get the best nights sleep and feel rejuvenated for a new day. It is also highly effective in improving circulation and recovery from stiffness and rigidity in the muscles and connective tissue. Effective upper back or shoulder massage can be undertaken without even removing any clothing. Massage options include Deep Tissue, Relaxation, and Therapeutic Stretch (PNF).

Back Pain

If you suffer from the misfortune of back pain then this is one of my primary focus' to help you eliminate, treat and prevent lower back pain. Diagnosis and prescription of exercise are the primary services provided by Strong For Life.

Strength Training

Whether you are physically active, a sports person or niether we can help you too through focused strength training combining conditioning to improve your mobility and skill through individually designed strength training programs.


Women can often suffer from lower back pain (LPB) during and following pregnancy, basically because there is so much change occurring in the front of the body that the spinal muscles struggle to keep up. Pain can be avoided through muscular strength training by undertaking simple focused exercises. If you are a parent I feel it is important that you know that you are welcome for treatment too and that is why I will always try to provide a Children's Corner wherever I provide my services.

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